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7-Day Membership

  • Access to our website* for 7 Days.
  • Best way to check out what's inside.
  • Membership is automatically cancelled after 7 days.
  • We make this option available only at certain times.
  • *Access to some content may be restricted in this plan.

30-Day Membership

  • Enjoy a Special "Elite" Membership.
  • All your favourite Legslavish Presenters past and present, all in one place.
  • Reviews posted every single day and many reviews of more sexy, adult hosiery products
  • Great quality, brand new videos.
  • Exciting new ways to review products like showing on camera how the tights go onto the leg.
  • More detailed reviews than on Youtube.
  • Our special Legslavish Elite Edits with a touch more fun and glamour.
  • Incredible new review formats like our "Story" videos where we show the tights "on the move".
  • Daring new special collections like Seasonal Videos and some of the girls showing their favourite bikinis and swimwear.
  • All Youtube content from the paid "Legslavish Extra" series is free to view in Elite.
  • Easy new ways to interact with us and each other in our Forums.
  • Lots of fun and laughter - our reviews are SO entertaining.
  • Members get instant access to the Legslavish Store where they can buy some of the products that the girls have reviewed.
  • New for 2019 - sign up once and get LIFETIME access to our Close Friends feed on Instagram.
  • Some Presenters have moved permanently to Elite and will not appear any more on YouTube.
  • Members earn "EliteCoins" in our Loyalty & Rewards program which can be used to buy Free Membership.

90-Day Membership

  • Special Elite Membership as in the 30-day Membership Plan.
  • Access to everything as in the 30-day Plan.
  • Save 20% on the cost of the 30-day Plan
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