Membership is Currently Closed

It is very important to us at Legslavish Elite that we give the best possible service to our Members. For this reason we limit the number of Members based on our capacity to serve. We have currently reached our maximum number of Members and applications for new Membership is temporarily closed.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Remember, you can continue to follow us for free on Youtube.

Membership will open again for new or renewed Members on Wed 14th Nov


Legslavish Elite Club Members will get the following:

  • Members get our individual attention – we will look after you, listen to you, answer your questions, and take note of and respond to your feedback. It is very important for us that we do this – it is a main reason for setting up Legslavish Elite.
  • Members will see past and present Youtube Presenter’s reviews of the whole range of pantyhose, tights and stockings, some of these have been considered Age-Restricted on Youtube so were removed, but they will be posted in Legslavish Elite.
  • Members will be able to watch and comment as we try new ways of reviewing hosiery (for example, our “Story” format which shows tights being worn by the girls in everyday situations.  Elite members can let us know what they think of our “experiments” in hosiery review, and suggest improvements.
  • Elite Members have access to videos never posted on Youtube or anywhere else.
  • YouTube videos are specially edited to meet YouTube’s Community Guidelines, these video can be posted on Elite with the full edit which shows Members more detail and closeups of the hosiery.
  • All paid content posted to Youtube in our Legslavish Extra Series is available to Members as part of their membership at no extra cost.
  • Elite will have other special collections unavailable on other platforms.
  • Some of our Presenters are moving permanently to Elite so you will only be able to see them on Elite.
  • 4K video quality on some of the Elite reviews.
  • Elite Members have access to our Legslavish Store where they can offer to purchase the products the girls have reviewed online.
  • “Flash Videos” by one of our most popular presenters which are only available for a short period of time.
  • Elite Members also enjoy our Loyalty & Rewards program (EliteCoins) which can be traded for free Membership.