Favourite Websites

Legslavish has a collection of websites and blogs we visit regularly to learn about hosiery and stay ahead of the game when it comes to. Our top 3 are these..,

The Pantyhose Library

Pantyhose Library is the go to website for information and history of hosiery brands. They have a separate page for each of over 700 different brands. Each page has a brief bio of the brand and some images showing the types of hosiery that brand produces. Short and sweet and to the point.

Fashion My Legs

Lisa’s been running her Fashion My Legs blog for longer than we’ve been running Legslavish. She’s the real expert. Her blog does things exactly the way we like – ordinary girls wearing hosiery in their own way, bringing their own style and personality. We’ve always loved Fashion My Legs and this is our first-choice blog for hosiery and legwear fashion articles.

Tights Review

The Tights Review blog aggregates posts on hosiery from many sources, including some of ours, and is a great place to go for inspiration on how to style different tights. We’ve subscribed to the blog so we always get notified of when a post is made. That’s fairly frequently so we always have somewhere to go for a quick read. Give this one a try.