Favourite Hosiery Stores

Our top recommended online store is UKTights.com We love UKTights for lots of reasons. Firstly because of the sheer range of different brands and stock that is available from their store. They truly are the biggest hosiery store in the world. The website is clear and easy to navigate with good quality images and great information on colour variations and sizing etc. And not only that but their customer care and returns policy are second-to-none – every time we’ve dealt with them, either as Legslavish or as individual Legslavish Girls, they’ve treated us wonderfully. They are quick to deliver worldwide and totally reliable. Also they have supported what we do for many years: there are no agreements or financial arrangements between Legslavish and UKTights, so no vested interest on either side. But the fact that they’ve followed us and supported us through the years show they are not just a business but they’re as passionate about hosiery as we are.

If you like to shop on ebay for your hosiery you can do no better than going to our favourite ebay seller Anne Tyler at Essexee. For a good selection of brands at reasonable prices with quick delivery well packed. The items come very nicely wrapped in tissue paper which adds to the overall experience. Essexee is always our first stop when shopping on ebay, but there’s also a website and Amazon Store.


Our third choice for Recommended Store is MyStockings.co.uk First off we know there are some great brands (like Gabriella, Ballerina and Jolie Folie) that we can get here, but also MyStockings service and quality of care is great too. We love their special offers and the clear way the website is laid out so you can easily see everything. The Blog is central to the store and is easy to find and read. And finally it’s the little touches and attention to detail which we like – the beautiful gold-paper wrapping when they send your order to you all adds to the experience.


We would also like to mention another ebay store that we’ve found particularly reliable and provides a wide range of products and different brands. This is Just Beauty Touch. This is a great alternative place to go if you can’t find what you’re looking for.